Brand consistency

Brand consistency

Maintaining brand uniformity both on and offline

Customers need to recognise your brand wherever they see it, be that online or via other mediums such as print or television.

We ensure that all online design matches any existing brand you organisation may already have.

We have considerable experience of maintaining brand guidelines on the web for organisations such as SUBWAY® and JCB

Perhaps surprisingly, our brains have been found to recognise corporate logos and associated branding and treat them with the same level of recognition and trust as friends and family. This is why it can be crucial to not just ensure these elements are prominent but also keep such design elements as consistent as possible both online and offline. We understand the importance of this concept and are mindful of this in all our design activities.

In most instances your brand will be represented by more than simply a logo and will include a colour palette, a set of fonts, guidelines on negative space and approved photography.

If you already have prescriptive brand guidelines we are experienced in ensuring visual content is compliant. For some of our customers like SUBWAY® or JCB such guidelines are strict and must ve adhered to but most clients will want their customers to recognise them no matter where they see them. In most instanaces there will be far more to a brand than simply a logo.

This approach is relevant to all sizes of organisation

Even if you are a smaller organisation or are less focused on these type of issues we will still always attempt to create and maintain as consistent a design and layout as practicable. Indeed, this type of approach simply isn’t only relevant to large companies. One small local charity we work with operates a strict set of such guidelines as they believe brand recognition is vital for them.

In short, we transfer your brand, your values, and your vision to the web.