Content management (CMS)

Content management (CMS)

Easy control of website content how and when you choose

One of our core skills is the creation of web sites which allow their owners the ability to update key content themselves without any specialist technical knowledge or design skills.

Unlike a basic ‘static’ web page where content is fixed (rather like a traditional printed page) a site incorporating content management requires the development of ‘dynamic’ web pages.

A ‘dynamic’ page is created in such a way that some or all of the content can be changed in real time whilst the web site is live.

No special skills or software required

A good example of a simplistic content management system in action would be a ‘latest news’ section. A typical news item might be made up of a title, the news story itself, and an accompanying photograph.

Without a content management system in place, each time the site owner wished to add or amend a news item they would need to provide their web designers with the copy for the news item, wait for their designers to make and upload the changes, check the new story, and finally pay their designers for this exercise.

However, with content management the site operator would log-in to their private web console and within seconds a new story could be added and instantly appear on the main website via a simple, intuative interface. No special skills or software required. If you have a browser and a net connection you can manage your wesbite from anywhere in the world.

Such a system saves time and money, and puts ultimate control of the site in the hands of the owner rather than the web designer. Less business for us but often a better solution for you.

We can provide full training

Every system we implement is quick to learn and requires no more than a basic level of IT literacy to master.

We can provide full training in use of any content management system we integrate in one of three ways.

We can organise a training session here at our offices in Cheshire, conduct on-site training at your own premises, or we can run live online training sessions for up to twenty-five individuals who can participate simulataneously from different locations.