Application to register a .uk domain name

Application to register a .uk domain name

Collecting your details

As a Channel Partner forĀ Nominet UKĀ (the .uk domain name registry) we have a responsibility to ensure all customers understand prior to purchase the nature of the associated contract they will enter into with both ourselves and Nominet UK.

We also need to ensure we collect sufficient information to meet the current completeness requirements of Nominet UK.

As a prospective domain name customer can you please complete the application form below. If you have any questions regarding this form on any other aspect of the domain registration process please do not hesitate to contact us (see the left hand “Contacting us” tab for more details of how to do so).


  • The domain name you wish to register

    Please specify the UK domain name you wish us to register for you and the name of the business, organisation or individual which should appear as the registrant.
  • Please enter the UK domain you wish to register.
  • Your contact details

  • (optional)
  • (Optional, depending on organisation type, i.e. if a Limited Company please specify company number)
    NOTE: only UK or non UK individuals can opt to keep their details from being displayed.
  • Format: +44.1234567 (Country code, followed by dot, followed by phone number)
  • Contact address

  • (required for UK)