Registration of .uk domain names

Registration of .uk domain names

Our responsibilities as a Nominet UK Channel Partner

Katatomic Limited have been a member of Nominet UK (the .uk domain name registry) since 2000 and are currently a Channel Partner.

As such we have a number of responsibilities concerning the sale, renewal and ongoing management of .uk domain names. Our aim is to provide customers with as professional, knowledgeable, speedy and responsible a domain registration and management service as possible.

This section is provided to communicate these details to our customers and also explain how we can be contacted in connection with any aspect of your domain name.

Our key responsibilities and the supporting information for such to be found in this section can be summarised as follows.

  • Ensure that prior to the purchase or renewal of domain name our customers understand the terms and conditions of that contract.
  • Clearly explain prior to purchase the nature of the so called “three-way contract” whereby the customer enters into two separate contracts: one with ourselves and the other with Nominet UK.
  • Make customers aware of any changes to these contractual agreements.
  • Act promptly when asked to make changes to the details of a domain name by a customer.
  • Make customers aware of .uk domain renewal and expiry policy and notify customers of an approaching expiry in a timely manner.
  • Ensure the information submitted by the customer seeking to register a .uk domain meets the current completeness requirements of Nominet UK.
  • To provide a simple and clearly identified manner via which a customer can communicate with us regarding any aspect of their domain name and indicate the timeframe within which they can expect a response to such communications.

Renewals and expiry

All .uk domain registrations and subsequent renewals are typically for a 2 (two) year period.

We will inform our customers, via e-mail or telephone, of the renewal date 30 (thirty) days before expiration.

At this point the customer can choose whether they wish renew their domain or let it lapse.

Confirmation of the decision should be made either by email or in writing (details available in our “Contacting us” page on the left-hand tab of this page).

Customers can still renew a lapsed domain name up to 90 days after expiration date. After this period the domain will be deleted and become available for registration by any party.

To avoid loss of a domain name we recommend renewal requests are made well in advance of the expiry date.

Transferring a domain to another registrar

Our registrants can choose to move their domain name to another registrar at any time. We currently do not make a charge for this service. If you wish us to initiate such a transfer please contact us (details available in our “Contacting us” page on the left-hand tab of this page).