Robust and affordable managed services

At Katatomic we operate a number of Microsoft Windows web servers primarily to host customer websites but also provide email services. These have been procured specifically to provide a complementary service for our existing web customers.

We use a mix of dedicated servers and cloud servers

If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘hosting’ this simply means the provision of space on a web server to make your website available to other internet users. When your web address is typed into a browser it is the web server which hosts your website files which passes back the pages.

We use a mix of dedicated servers and cloud servers each having distinct advantages dependent on the size and nature of the website.

Entry level commercial hosting companies often have a vested interest in maximising the number of client sites they squeeze onto their servers – this will obviously have a bearing on performance. We want our clients’ web presences to snap open as quickly as possible and our investment in our own servers not only ensures this, but also means we have total administrative control rather than problematically attempting to work through a third party.

Server features include:- four separate connectivity providers to maximise availability and redundancy, location in a secure data-centre with 24 hour on-site presence, air-conditioning, fire and lightening protection, back-up generators, and 24 hour network monitoring. All servers are fully patched and are regularly assessed for security vulnerabilities.

As for email we can provide POP3. IMAP and SMTP services and can integrate with in-house MS Exchange servers where required.

It’s often useful to use a single source for all your web needs

Whilst this service is provided exclusively to our web design customers it certainly isn’t mandatory to use us if we build your website. Some customers will have an existing hosting provider with whom they wish to stay. In other instances a dedicated server may be procured from a third party which we can manage if required.

Additionally, we can help advise on third party solutions which may be more appropriate and configure these for you as required.

It’s often useful to use a single source for all your web needs and know you only need to deal with one company. The majority of our customers do just that, but we’ll always advise on the best solution for you regardless of whether it involves us or not.