Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting

Quantify and understand the visitors to your website

How can you judge the effectiveness or otherwise of your website if you know nothing about the nature or volume of visitors to your site? The simple answer is you can’t.

Traffic monitoring is crucial

You might think the 50 sales per day from your ecommerce site is good. Would you still think that if you knew you received 50,000 hits per day. Similarly you might think the investment you made to be included in an online directory was good. Would you still think that if you knew your site never received a single hit via that inclusion?

This is why traffic monitoring is crucial to ascertain the success and popularity of your site.

Regular analysis outlines how well your site is performing

We always recommend the installation of “Google Analytics” the most commonly used web statistics collection and analysis tool as it can generate a detailed report of visitor numbers and preferences, measures conversions and sales, and has the added bonus of being free.

In short, you can use this to record and view data such as; how many visitors did your website get over a specific period, which pages did they visit and how long did they spend viewing them, did they discover your site via a search engine and if so what word or phrase did they use in their search?

Regular analysis of this type of data outlines how well your site is performing and identifies not only weaknesses but also areas of potential opportunity.

Whilst this is an extrmely comprehensive tool and is more than adaquate for the majority of clients it does not always allow the exact metrics to be recorded which are relevant to the way your site operates. In these instances we can provide an additional custom monthly report to analyse web activity exactly tailored to your web model.