Web design

Web design

Beautiful, bespoke designs for your website

Here at Katatomic our team use over thirteen years of experience to create modern, professional, and entirely bespoke designs to portray a visually polished image that inspires confidence in your organisation and encourages visitors to stay and explore.

Web design is often used as a generic term to collectively describe all aspects of the process of creating and publishing a site on the internet, but strictly speaking it simply represents the design of the graphical interface of a website which a visitor views and interacts with. The software tools and associated coding used to create and power the functionality of your website falls under the category of web development.

It takes less than three seconds to decide whether a website visit is worth continuing. Our designs focus on ensuring your customers want to stay.

There are two primary considerations to our web design process. How the site looks and how pages and content are organised. Since it takes less than three seconds for a first time visitor to decide whether a website visit is worth considering you need a design which encourages a visitor to stay.

Unlike traditional graphic design, web design is focused specifically on designs which work on digital devices such as desktop computers, tablets and mobiles. Factors such as screen size and resolution, and the very many variants of such on which your site may potentially be viewed makes the process and goals wholly different to a design for a fixed medium such as print.

Our designs focus on making content clear to navigate and interpret

Rest assured however that the rules of classic design still hold true and our websites never comprise style and beauty despite the numerous technical challenges faced.

We also ensure that our web designs makes content clear to navigate and interpret by creating clear and intuitive navigation systems which help organise your content into logical sections and ensures a visitor can always find what they need with the minimum of clicks.