We'll help you harness the power of the world's most popular content management platform

If the name ‘WordPress’ does nothing other than elicit a blank wondering frown then don’t worry. Since you probably don’t work in the web profession there’s no reason why you should have heard of it.

Suffice it to say it’s a rather fab piece of software to make a website remarkably quick at easy to control with absolutely no knowledge of web design. In October 2013 it was at the heart of 72 million website worldwide and it is by far the most popular choice to deliver content management accounting for over 40% of all websites which incorporate this type of functionality.

The general advantages can be summarised thus;

  • The interface is very intuitive making changes to your website content quick and easy.
  • It is designed to expose content to search engines in a highly readable manner.
  • One of the primary features is the provision of the easy addition of news/blog entries.
  • There are thousands of pre-built third party add-ons available to provide additional functionality.
  • It is well respected, well supported, and well documented. 

If of course you have heard of ‘WordPress’ then you’re most likely one of our competitors having a quick nosey at what we do. In which case “shoo” – don’t make us fetch the broom.